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Anette Hatlen Nøsterberget


Contact mail: anette.nosterberget@online.no Phone: +47-95 08 09 29



Sept. 2014 Gagliardi Gallery, London







Born in Ørskog. Norway

Lives and works in Oslo. Norway


Art projects:

2011: "Blue magic" installation of recycled plastic and light, Lønnås kindergarten in Bærum municipality, Norway.

2008: "Hall" ,installation of paintings on Plexiglas with fluorescent light. Bingsfoss Hall, Sørum municipality, with students from The Culture Factory.



2011: Illustrated information leaflet about cluttered speech for State educational support center.

2010: Purchased by the Norwegian Cultural Council. The children's book "Albin and Luna and the magic mirror", illustrated for State educational support center.

2008: Written and illustrated a book on Henrik Wergeland with Kjersti Østnes Eggum for the state organization “Music in schools”.




Some exhibitions:

2013: Biennale, Museo d'arte, Chianciano Italy. 2.prize.

Juried exhibition Galleri Ramfjord,Oslo.

2012 "Mycelium project",Interkultural museum i Oslo.


2011 Nydalen kunstskole i Oslo

Juried exhibition Sørumfestivalen

2011 Nydalen art school in Oslo

2010 ”Unfinished business.”- Separate project in Oslo.

Gol Art Association, Frognerutstillingen in Sørum

2009 Bogstad farm in Oslo, Gol Art Association, Frognerutstillingen in Sørum

2008 Festival artist Sørumfestivalen ,Nydalen art school, Gallery Theresesgate in Oslo

2007 Scholarship Exhibition

2006 Nydalen art school 1. Year,Oscarsborg ,Gol Art Association, Frognerutstillingen in Sørum


Projects for the states Cultural School Bag:

“Kanelus”, a creative reading project based on the novel Peer Gynt.

“The snow queen”, paintings and lectures for youth school in collaboration with Mental health. “Extreme recycling”, an art-and the environment project for youth school.



2011-2012: Nydalen art school with Eva Kurseth Imer

2006-2008: Nydalen art school with Heidi Øiseth, Janine Magelssen and Lise Bjørne Linnert.

2005/2006: Mosebekk drawing school with proffesors HansNorman Dahl, Dang van Ty and Oskar Reinert Olsen.

1999 passed the exams in design, shape and color, Fagerlia v.g.s, Ålesund

1986-1989: Fagerlia v.g.s, Ålesund


Other relevant work:

2008-2013 Teacher at the Nydalen art school in Oslo

2002-2007 Teacher at Kulturfabrikken in Sørum

2001-2004 Teacher of Arts and crafts, youth school, Skedsmo.





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