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Anette Hatlen Nøsterberget


Contact mail: anette.nosterberget@online.no Phone: +47-95 08 09 29



Sept. 2014 Gagliardi Gallery, London





“An action or a condition that developed in the past without reaching any conclusion.”

The boundaries between the inner and the outer reality seize to exist and the drawings document how I as an artist and human being change over time. The grey tones of my work can be associated to x-rays, which gives the distance, at the same time as it lay bare the underlying function and issues. Organisms in various stages of outbreaks or breakdown, elements of the body and nature, the brutal and the vulnerability in existence and corruption. I am working intuitively and uncompromisingly. Actions will be a channel for thoughts and emotions tied to individual and collective experiences. Dry drawing mediums meets a contrast in liquid ink and paint. The drawings own requirements and opportunities are existential conditions and these requirements and possibilities will be shown as shapes and tracks in the pictorial surface.


A dissection of the spiritual man, and the powerful and sometimes painful changes human being and society is undergoing. In drawing air and material meet, and like in natures slow processes, a movement and a transformation begins. In the paintings fragments, broken surfaces and shapes new stories surfaces.


Every understanding will be depending on the social, historical and cultural context. We need to accept that we are a part of the whole. All things relate to something else in a certain way for just a moment. Contact with our needs, with the environment or with other people leads to change, but the results cannot be predicted. The context affect how we interpret an event or condition, and it can also affect how the event progresses. An intensive and public painting process during ten days, where I investigated how environmental and interpersonal interaction creates change. At the moment a picture seemed fixed, it was infused with something new that disturbed the balance and changed direction. So was the process the goal, not the image itself.















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