Drawing on canvas


“An action or a condition that developed in the past without reaching any conclusion.”

The boundaries between the inner and the outer reality seize to exist and the drawings document how I as an artist and human being change over time. The grey tones of my work can be associated to x-rays, which gives the distance, at the same time as it lay bare the underlying function and issues. Organisms in various stages of outbreaks or breakdown, elements of the body and nature, the brutal and the vulnerability in existence and corruption. I am working intuitively and uncompromisingly. Actions will be a channel for thoughts and emotions tied to individual and collective experiences. Dry drawing mediums meets a contrast in liquid ink and paint. The drawings own requirements and opportunities are existential conditions and these requirements and possibilities will be shown as shapes and tracks in the pictorial surface.

Imperfect 100x140cm
Movement 80x110cm
Rhizome 80x110cm

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